Light the Bel-Fires!

Wishing you all a merry Beltane, feel the sap rising within you ready to burst forth in renewed creativity and passion!

Brighid of the Flames 

She rises from the flames as the hypnotic drums beat their passion into the night

Born of the Bel-fire, emergent yet ancient

Women’s wisdom of a thousand generations calling Her forth

As the circling dancers stamp and whirl, freeing the furnace within. 

The rhythm grows hectic… hungry… calling… feeding… stoking… raising…


Dancing in the flames

A fire-bird, a maiden, a huntress

Spirals on Her arms, galaxies in Her eyes 

She burns with volcanic power, sparks leaping into the night from Her divine skin

Her alchemic quiver ripples, cradling the flaming arrows of Awen

For She is the divine muse, bow at Her side, igniting the womb-fires of creativity

She is the ancient smith, purging the dross, forging the tools to build new worlds

She is the crone-fire, the destruction that heals, stirring the fathomless cauldron of knowledge 

She is Brighid, the triple Goddess, Her radiant love pouring from the flames.

Amelie Rowan

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