Helping women reconnect with their innate wildness, power, and pleasure

I hold space for women to come home to their innate wildness and the wisdom of their body. In a gentle, somatic way I guide you to reconnect with your joy, power, and find your inner goddess so you can shine your light more fully in the world.

What if your body is sacred and perfect, just the way it is?

What if you’re never, ever, too much?

What if you’re inherently worthy, just by virtue of being alive?

What if what you came here to do was to fully embrace life, and all parts of yourself?

What if moments of self doubt can be an invitation into greater self love and compassion?

What if you shining your light into the world inspires others to do the same?

What if every life transition can be a sacred portal of initiation into greater healing and wisdom?

What if you already have all the resources you need within you?

I know that these things are all true for you.

If the call of your inner goddess resonates within you, if you desire to tap into your inherent confidence and embrace your empowered truth, then I invite you to a ‘Goddess Awakening Introduction’. This free one-hour exploratory session is our opportunity to determine if our energies align for a transformative journey together.

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