Connection call
This free one-hour exploratory session is our opportunity to determine if our energies align for a transformative journey together, with absolutely no strings and no pressure.

For coaching clients we can explore together what your dream life looks like, what’s currently stopping you from shining your light into the world, and perhaps feel into an initial embodiment practice to begin to access your inner resources. If the call of your inner goddess resonates within you, if you desire to feel confident and at home in your body, to tap into your inherent confidence and embrace your empowered truth, then I warmly invite you to book a connection call.

For those interested in booking a bespoke ritual, we can look at exactly what outcomes you’re looking for, and how we might make those come alive in a ceremony exactly tailored to your needs.

I warmly invite you to experience how I work, to figure out together whether we’re a good fit to co-create magic in your life!

Client Feedback
“Just had my first session with Amelie, what a beautiful experience! She is so kind and gentle in her nature. She made me feel safe to explore my energy blocks in an area where I felt very lost and confused. She held the space and guided me so I never felt alone. I feel calm and relaxed and very grateful. I have felt my hope begin to return at a moment in my life where I feel hopeless. Thank you Amelie, I am looking forward to do more work with you”
– Sarah