This is a place where love, authentic, joyful sexuality and true empowerment stands in the centre.

If you’re here I know you’re ready to come home to your grounded, embodied confidence, to truly feel at home in your body, to no longer doubt yourself and your gifts, to create deep relationships in which you are loved in the way that you need and deserve.

My mission is to contribute towards building a more Aphroditic world – a world in which love, compassion, empathy, and right relationship stands in the centre.

Where instead of exploiting the natural world and each other, we move towards regenerative living, becoming a restorer rather than a destroyer species. Coming into right relationship with the earth, and with the people in our lives, starts with coming into right relationship with ourselves. Honouring our own natural rhythms and seasons. Tuning back into to our embodied wisdom and confidence.

I trained first as a scientist, studying veterinary medicine, then conservation medicine, looking at the deep connections between human health, wildlife health and ecosystem health. I was dismayed to realise that the prevailing view in academic circles is that the natural world has worth only for what it can do for humans. I asked about the intrinsic value of nature, and I was told it had none.

And I knew that was untrue.

I spent 25 years exploring eco-spirituality, learning about our spiritual connection with the earth, training as a druid, later as a priestess of the Celtic goddess Brigit, and as a priestess of Aphrodite and sacred sexuality, and then in Tantric philosophy and practices and as a trauma-informed coach.

I overcame a lifetime of people pleasing, anxiety, self-doubt, and choosing bad relationships, with a Tantric approach of radical self-love. I escaped an abusive relationship, and the struggles of being a young single mother, to build a life I truly love helping other women. And what I learned was that to truly reawaken to my own divine empowered nature, I had to work with my body, not against it. I learned that we are all intrinsically already worthy and whole, we just have to remember.

My path
Over the years I’ve trained and qualified in a broad range of both scientific and spiritual areas,
enabling me to blend modern science with ancient teachings in my work:
My intention…

My intention for you in this work I am doing is for you to remember your own divinity, and for you to create the life you desire in alignment with your deepest truth.

In my coaching I work individually with women to help them come home to themselves, to find their power and their voice, to feel truly at home and confident in their bodies, to lean into their sacred pleasure so that they can create the life and the relationships that they deeply desire.