Unleash the Goddess Within

You are already whole, unbroken and innately divine. It is absolutely possible for you to be the woman you always wanted to be, the woman you were always meant to be. This transformational package will allow you to let go of anything that prevents you from knowing this to be true.

You deserve to feel fully at home and
confident in your body, right now.

You deserve to show up in your life fully expressed in your radiance. You deserve to feel fully empowered energetically, spiritually, and emotionally. You deserve a life that is filled with connection, pleasure, and joy.

Would you like to reconnect with your body so you can feel your own authentic pleasure?
To let go of anxiety and people pleasing and let your true inner light shine, both in and out of the bedroom?
To empower yourself mentally, emotionally and energetically, so that you can live radiantly?
To connect with your inner Goddess?
To truly step into your feminine power?

Then let’s see what we can co-create together in six heart-centred, bespoke sessions. This is not a group coaching experience, where you may be lost in the crowd, these are one to one sessions tailored specifically for your own journey towards stepping into your personal power and connecting with your own inner goddess.

Sessions are held 1:1 via zoom call, from the comfort of your own home. If you have questions or worries, I’m here for you – feel free to book a connection call if you’d like to chat further before deciding if this package is right for you.

Client Feedback
“Before working with Amelie I found it hard to access my pleasure, I was afraid of being hurt and ended up avoiding the idea altogether. With Amelie’s holding and process I was able to gently ease myself back into conversation with my needs, feel healthy and sacred pleasure once more, create boundaries and learn to say my sacred yes. This experience has changed my life because it has changed me and the way I view myself, my worth, and my pleasure. I would recommend this to any person who has been putting their pleasure and sensuality at the bottom of their pile like I did. It’s time to reclaim it!”
– Jade
This package includes
6 x 60 min appointments
6 payments of £120 (monthly)
Client Feedback
“I have had about 8 of these 1-hour sessions and I’m not exaggerating when I say that these handful of sessions have been more effective and more transformative than literal years of therapy. I never would have believed how incredible this stuff is if someone had told me, but I’ve experienced it myself and I’m a completely new person. I’ve done psychodynamic therapy, CBT, EMDR, and this has been better than all of them, and in much less time. Cannot recommend this enough.”

– Josie