The Re-Awakening Ceremonial Journey

A transformational Ceremonial Journey to integrate the energies of the Greek Goddesses Persephone & Aphrodite for your replenishment.

Within each of us lies a duality, we are both darkness and light. Within the darkness lies the nourishing, life giving womb space. Within the light the poignancy of impermanence. if it were never absent, joy could have no meaning, the pain of grief is but an expression of love…

No part of you is wrong, no emotion unacceptable. When we learn to welcome all parts of ourselves, we find freedom and wholeness.

In this series of deeply nourishing and life affirming rituals, Priestess of Persephone Jade Dalton, and Sister of Aphrodite Amelie Summer, invite you to walk beside us as we weave a path between worlds to bring healing, reconnection and transformation.

Enter the dream temple of Dark Persephone, descend the labyrinth into the underworld to seek out your innate wisdom, and bask in the love and beauty of Her Golden sister Aphrodite to bring your gifts out into the world… In the darkness we will find light, in the light darkness, and all is welcome….

It is our joy and privilege to offer this container for self love and re-emerging to all who wish to join us over the Yule period and into the Spring. You are welcome to attend one, some, or all of these open online events. Note there is a discounted ticket price if attending all rituals.


Sunday 12 December 7pm

Tickets: FREE

In this first ritual we awaken to where we are now, are we on the right path? What do we want for ourselves? How do we meet ourselves and others with compassion? How do we want to transform? What is stirring in our inner cauldron as we prepare to descend into Winter?

Join us for this first free event as we make ready for a deep dive together into the underworld to reclaim our innate wholeness and wisdom over the Yule season, to re-emerge in Spring shining our light ever brighter.

You’ll need: 2 rocks or stones as place markers and an apple


Sunday December 19th 7pm

Tickets: £12 (+£1.52 Eventbrite booking fee)

As we enter the Dream Time at Yule, nature urges a period of stillness, of rest and replenishment. In this ritual we nurture a sense of falling deeply in love with ourselves, creating an inner home space within us that we can always return to. For the root of all wholeness is radical self love and acceptance.

You’ll need: A candle, a mirror, moisturiser or body oil, sensual foods you enjoy, perhaps chocolate or strawberries…


Sunday January 9th 7pm

Tickets £12 (+£1.52 Eventbrite booking fee)

As the holiday period wanes there can be a sense of loneliness and disconnection. In this ritual we delve deep into the sister wound that can divide women from each other, and move towards healing, rediscovering the power and joy of seeing the Goddess in each of us.

You’ll need: A few candles or tealights, a bowl of water, some salt


Sunday January 23rd

Tickets: £12 (+£1.52 Eventbrite booking fee)

At Imbolc life quickens in the belly of Mother Earth and there is a sense of excitement and new beginnings, just waiting to emerge with the coming Spring. In this ritual we find our innate power and strength, we reclaim our agency and celebrate our unique gifts.

You’ll need:

Incense (and a feather fan if available)

A candle

A glass of water

Your journal and pen (or drawing materials if preferred)

Some kind of veil,

a threshold marker – this can be marked with ribbon, string or a broomstick if you have one

A fresh flower or herb of your choice

Some anointing oil


Sunday February 27th 7pm

Tickets: £12 (+£1.52 Eventbrite booking fee)

As Spring begins in earnest and all is bursting back into life, it is time to emerge from the Underworld and give birth to our whole, radiant selves, to affirm our commitment to our goals, to make ready to shine our light unapologetically with all the new knowledge and confidence we have gained from our time together.

About Your Facilitators

Amelie Summer

Amelie Rowan Summer is an Earth Priestess currently based in London. She was trained and initiated as a Priestess of Brighid and as a Sacred Celebrant in Avalon, Glastonbury. She trained and initiated as a Sister of Aphrodite with the Goddess Temple, Rome. She loves to help women reconnect to the earth and their own innate wisdom.

Jade Dalton

Jade Holly Dalton is a Sister of Avalon, self-dedicated Priestess of Persephone, Sacred Celebrant, and Women’s circle facilitator based in the Summerlands (Somerset). Jade is passionate about working with the energies of duality, the Underworld, and conducting rites of passage for life, death and rebirth.

Earth Spirals is proud to be a Soul Trees parter with TreeSisters. 10% of all ticket sales go towards their work funding reforestation projects in the Tropics that empower local women.