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Answering The Call of the Earth: Starting out with Ecospirituality

Currently Only £37!

The Earth is calling to you, wild sister.

Can you feel Her insistent whisper, deep in your soul?  Do you feel the aching desire of your inner, wise, authentic self to be fully expressed in the world?  Can you hear the call of the natural world?  Do you long to fully reclaim your body as sacred, in an act of radical self-love? Do you have a yearning for a deeper, spiritual connection with Mother Earth?

Now more than ever the Earth needs awakened, wild women to answer Her call

The stories we tell ourselves are important.  Is the Earth a dead, mechanistic resource to be plundered until nothing is left, the wild places are destroyed and all that matters is the money to be made?  Or is the Earth a sacred, living Goddess, not separate from us, but part of a joyous, bounteous web of connection to be respected, and worked with in gratitude? 

How do we live our lives differently if we know the latter to be true?

Perhaps you’re intrigued by a Pagan path but don’t know where to start?  Maybe you care deeply for the Earth and feel a longing for an earthy spiritual path but there’s a lot of confusing information out there, or it’s all a little ‘New Age’ and you seek something more grounded? You’re looking for a way to connect with your own inner wise woman and to shine your light into the world, but your fears and self-consciousness get in your way?  Perhaps you’re struggling to talk to others about your path because you’re worried they  may not take you seriously, and you’d love to have a community of like-minded sisters?

When I first started reading about Earth-based spirituality, or ecospirituality, it really felt like just giving a name to something I already felt within myself.  But even so, doing my very first ritual for my self-dedication, I was so self-conscious and worried about somehow ‘doing it wrong’  that I needed to have a script, and didn’t even have the courage to speak the ritual words aloud… It can be daunting to set out on a new path alone…

So now, after 25 years of being an ecospriritual practitioner, and having formally trained as a Druid, a Priestess of the Goddess, a Sacred Celebrant, and a love, sex and women’s empowerment coach, I am passionate about walking beside other women to help them reconnect to themselves, the earth and their inner wild woman via a nature-based path.

For those just starting out on an ecospiritual path I’m offering a new online self-study short course:

Answering the Call of the Earth: Starting out with Nature-Based Spirituality.

This is a fully online course consisting of 7 modules, with videos, short lessons, guided meditations and exercises for you to work through at your own pace. You’ll get lifetime access to the materials on the training portal so you can revisit each module again as often as you like.

What you will learn:

  • How to ground and connect with the Earth and your own sacred body, to create a nourishing daily practice that works for you.
  • How to create and hold beautiful sacred space.
  • How to connect deeply with the rhythms of the earth via moon cycles and the wheel of the year.
  • How to begin forging your own individual Earth path.  Which deity(ies) should you work with? Do you need to label your path?
  • How to lose the self-consciousness and begin crafting effective ritual with the power of story.
  • How to start bringing your life into alignment with your spiritual values; including an introduction to permaculture and the concept of active hope.

At Earth Spirals we aim to build a Sisterhood for the Earth, a place where women come together and embody their deepest values, where we support each other and lift each other up, as we step into what Claire Dubois of TreeSisters calls ‘feminine nature-based leadership’. A place where we recognise the Goddess in ourselves and in each other. 

We are proud to be part of the TreeSisters SoulTrees partnership program, and 10% of all profits from Earth Spirals goes to TreeSisters, supporting their amazing work reforesting the tropics and empowering local women in the process.

You can find out more about TreeSisters and the vital work that they do here.


Is this course for women only?

The course has been written with women in mind, so those who are not women may find some of the content less relevant. However, anyone of any gender who feels drawn to do so is welcome to take the course.

Do I get lifetime access to the materials?

Yes! There’s no time limit to complete the course and you can revisit each module as often as you like.

How long will the course take?

That’s entirely up to you! But I would suggest taking at least 8 weeks to fully engage with the material.

What support will I receive?

If you run into any problems or have any questions you can post in the facebook group or contact me via email, I’m always happy to help!

What is the cost of the course?

The total value of the course for self study, including personal support via the facebook group and via email, is £147.

But I want as many women as possible to have access to this material, so am pricing the course at just £37!

Or you can upgrade to the VIP option which also includes 2 one hour online 1:1 sessions via Zoom with Amelie, for personalised coaching/mentoring and support for any questions you may have – the total cost of the VIP option is £157. You can upgrade at any point by emailing

Here’s the course link sister, I can’t wait to meet you!

What others are saying about the course

“I often wished I’d had pagan parents who had raised me with a nature-based spiritual path; loving hands holding mine as they guided me  to connect with the magic of the Earth. When I started Amelie’s course I expected to feel as if I were walking beside a teacher as she showed me her path. In reality, learning from Amelie felt like being pulled into a warm embrace and invited to dance with her, weaving and spinning through the magic that’s always been within and around me. 

The course content is a perfect introduction for beginners, presented in a way which is equal parts simple to understand and joyful. Amelie provides ample information from academic and spiritual writing, to powerful stories drawn from her own and other women’s experiences (often leaving me with chills!). Nurturing energy and enthusiasm pours from the videos, which left me feeling supported to complete the suggested activities. What I loved about the activities is that they provided real practical opportunities to develop and live my spiritual practice, something I’ve always sorely missed when reading beginners books on the subject.

I can definitely say that after completing the course I feel well-equipped and more confident with forging my own eco-spiritual path, celebrating the rhythms of the Earth, and creating small rituals. Thank you, Amelie.”


What a wonderful and inspiring course Amelie has created. A fantastic starting place, this course offers kind and gentle guidance with videos that feel like joyful conversations, written sections that are informative and comprehensive, worksheets that help prompt your own ideas and thoughts, and meditations that feel rich and nourishing. With an emphasis on finding your own path and what works for you, I found the process of working through this course helped me be introspective and work out what is really important to me. If you are interested in healing your relationship with the Earth, yourself, learning to craft ritual, learning about the cycle of the year… this is the course for you.

I am so grateful to Amelie for lovingly crafting this wonderful course, and for being there for support every step of the way!


I loved learning about eco-spirituality from this wonderfully accessible and practical course from Amelie. I learnt loads about how to apply practices like nature-based meditation, grounding and centring, and aligning my life with the rhythms of the earth, such as seasonal festivals. There is so much great information around creating ritual and sacred space, and the various different activities Amelie provides are fun and engaging, and really helpful for developing these practices individually. Highly recommended for anyone who is seeking a closer, more grounded, more spiritual connection with the earth; it was perfect for a complete beginner like me, as the course leads you step-by-step from the basics of what earth-based spiritual practice is, into to the many practical ways in which you can apply these to your everyday life.


After working my way through the Answering the call of the Earth course, I feel a sense of hope and community that was lacking. I have long felt a connection with the Earth, with Gaia and the Moon, finding peace in natural spaces, in viewing the Moon at night and when with the other habitants of our beautiful home. Amelie’s teachings have bought this connection to life, helping me to recognise that there are others out there that feel the same, that we can preserve, protect and rejuvenate. I am already planning my first rituals, and hoping to take advantage of the upcoming Samhain to honour my beloved grandmother.